For the fun and smiles on the face of the kids, All In FUN offer bounce house rentals salt lake city or bounce houses salt lake city, also known as: jumps, bouncy castles, blow up toys, or moonwalks. Party bounce houses salt lake city are AVAILABLE in different shapes such as turtles, ducks etc AND sizes such as small bounce house, large bounce house, frozen bounce house etc. This sort of diversity can act as a source of recreational tool for kids. If you are looking for a way to keep your children smiling and engaged at your next party, then you need to take a look at bounce houses. Bounce houses are also known as jumps, bouncy castles, blow up toys, or moonwalks. In fact, bounce houses were originally known as moonwalks in the 1960s because being on one gave the sensation of walking on the moon. Today’s bounce houses are made of strong, lightweight materials that make them much easier to pack, move, and store. Inflating bounce houses are easier than ever, and most blower machines are fairly quiet. The great news about all of the technological innovation around bounce houses is that they are more affordable than ever. You can rent a bounce house from us for as little as $69.00 for a full day, with delivery as low as $10. Let’s talk a little bit about the different bounce houses and customization options that our team at All In Fun offers. For more details please visit: